Comic 3 - An ID card. Look at it.

22nd Jun 2015, 7:20 PM
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An ID card. Look at it.
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Author Notes:

22nd Jun 2015, 7:20 PM
Various thoughts flit through your head. They give you various answers, non of which are totally correct.

"Sir Dingwingbollywag II," whispered one, as it passed through, setting free a bunch of feelings and memories, where you and your sister would play at being knights and dragons. None of you fought over not being the princess, because she was either the knight or the dragon. or maybe both. Both was good.

Another thought was "Shana Yu". A grimace. That's not complete, you knew. It wasn't the whole thing, but the shape of it was there. Part of it, anyway. Now to fill it in, but how does one do that with incomplete information.

There was something in your pockets, and you took it out, hoping that it was a credit card, or an ID card of some sort. It didn't disappoint.

Your name is Elisabet Shana Yu, and you are working at FlameCrest Incorporated under false pretenses. You are here to investigate their plans, and find a way to stop them.

This little tidbit of information led to your whole system to stop screaming and settle down. As your vision cleared, and focused on the card, you began to notice an insidious goopy fluid on one edge of the card, almost obscuring the text.

And unfortunately, it seems that someone has found it fit to render your card almost useless.