Comic 9 - Tom is now your guide.

12th Mar 2016, 3:03 PM
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Tom is now your guide.
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Author Notes:

12th Mar 2016, 3:03 PM
"Liz! Liz!"
You decide to respond, if only to shut him up. Concussions, even with your capabilities, are not fun to deal with and anyway, Tom would keep on worrying if you didn't respond, the poor man. It's a pity you felt that it was important to disable the camera, but hey, better safe than sorry.

You shout "Tom!" just as the screen fizzled. And went dark, for a momentarily worrying moment.

"Oh- damn!" Tom says in response, cutting himself off for a moment, and the screen returned, at a somewhat clearer resolution this time. Well, as clear as it could be with Crester's security systems and Tom's background lighting. "Sorry! Crester tried pushing me out!"

"Are you okay?" he adds. You're silent and staring a bit blankly at the screen - someone had painted the words "No Trust", effectively adding to the obscurity of the image. Whoever was here before ... nah, abandon that thought for a moment, think about getting out.

"I'm fine! Hadn't had a chance to check on the arm but-"

"Liz! Stop!"

That's a bit rude. And worrying.

"You need to get out of here!"

As if there was anything else to do right now. "Duh." The sarcasm in your voice is so leaden that it plunged right into the ocean of brief, awkward silence.

"No!" Tom finally says. "They're going to send you into a Silent Zone! You need to move!"

Oh. That's bad. Silent Zones are places where no electronics can survive for long, meaning that Tom has no effective way of watching over you once you get into one. And your robot arm would become a hunk of metal and plastic and leather weighing you down.

You assure him. Both of you need it - you feel really tired of all a sudden, and Tom sounds really on edge.

"So...about the room?" you ask.

"Ex-prison block." Tom replies, shuffling papers and blueprints around. "There should be a, um, failsafe."

Makes sense. Guards don't want to be totally locked up inside their own cells.
16th Oct 2016, 8:13 PM
Christ, the panel placement needs a lot of work.